Monday, September 30, 2013

Have a little passion

For about the last week I haven’t written anything. At least nothing independent from work because I haven’t had anything that has inspired me. As a writer, we often need something to spark the fire inside of us to eloquently create a wondrous piece and it usually doesn’t take much. Seeing a dog catch a Frisbee can be inspiration enough to write an entire novel series for some writers, but when those inspiring moments don’t happen it can be rather discouraging.

Writing to me is a natural gift that some people have. Others would disagree, which I’ve seen time and time again in college with examples stating it is something that is learned. I can be taught how to form a sentence, but no one can teach me how to be passionate about writing. And when there is no passion, there is rarely any motivation to pursue.

But, even though I have no inspiration, I still have passion. And since I have passion I’m still motivated to write something, anything. And all of this causes me to still have hope.

To be passionate about something is like the equivalent of being in love creatively. If I was in love with playing the piano, I would have never given it up. But I’m in love with writing. It’s easy to fall into a rut that causes you to lose desire to go after what you’re in love with. And you have to continue to fall in love. For me, I want to fall in love with writing every day. And because of that, I’ll write every day, even when it doesn’t make sense or when it’s silly, whether no one or everyone reads it.

Treat your creative passion like a lover. Nurture it, care for it, do special things for it like going to a workshop to keep things spicy, invest in it and spend time with it. If you let your love fade you’ll just be hurting yourself not allowing yourself to be happy. As for me, I want to be happy! Without a creative outlet life would probably suck!

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