Tuesday, September 24, 2013

His achy breaky heart!

I wanted to discuss a topic that is now a dead horse that is still being beaten: Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s. I really don’t want to talk about her, but her dad Billy Ray Cyrus. I was reading an article that was a response to his daughter’s actions. He said that she is “still my little girl”, he can’t wait to see her, and other kind comments, not participating in any negative backlash from her obsession with “twerking” and not so becoming actions. The responses that I saw to his statement were mortifying to say the least.

People were saying things like Billy Ray get off your high horse, your daughter is a slut, how can you tolerate her behavior, and totally disrespecting both Billy Ray and Miley. How is a man loving his daughter in spite of her actions deserving of such ridicule? Has no one else ever done something to embarrass their parents?

I totally know that I have. When I was 17 years old, I was arrested. Most people don’t know about it because it’s not the most savory moment of my life. I used to be into bad boys—well I think technically they were in to me lol. I was a passenger unknowingly in a car that had been reported stolen. Long story short, the car wasn’t stolen and it was a mix up. But can you imagine how humiliating it was for my dad to get a call from the arresting officer telling him to come pick up his minor daughter because she had been arrested? Thank goodness my mom was out of town when this happened! I was ashamed and embarrassed when my Dad and brother-in-law came to get me. My dad didn’t yell, he didn’t get angry, I wasn’t put on punishment, he just made sure I was alright and we never talked about it again.

My Dad had every right to be mad at me. He had every right to rip me a new one for being in that type of situation because of the people I associated myself with. This never once made my dad throw it in my face or love me any less because I messed up. I’m sure Sadaam Husain’s mother loved him even though he is on the list of most evil people ever!

Shaking a little booty never killed anyone. Just saying. Being in the entertainment business, if you aren’t doing things to get you noticed, you will eventually fade away. I’m sure she is trying to develop a brand for herself. It’s tacky and tasteless, but it’s recognizable and leaves an impression. But marketing isn’t created for everyone, it’s for a target audience depending on demographics, age, culture, etc. she has to “sell” herself to a relatable audience that will be profitable for her. Maybe that’s what’s she is doing and that is why Billy Ray doesn’t have much to say about the situation. Who knows but him. But, I’m sure it is still breaking his achy breaky heart.

It is a parent’s responsibility to show unconditional love to their child regardless of what their actions are. I’m sure Miley was raised better than to turn her booty up as she does, but at this point she is an adult. Her dad can give her advice, but he can’t send her to her room and take her cell phone away because she misbehaved. He has as much control over her as any other parent does over a full functioning, independent adult. I feel like Billy Ray is in a situation where he can’t win. If he publically scolded her and joined in with the crowd making Miley a laughing stock he would be ridiculed and called a bad father. I’m sure he is very concerned for his daughter and is extremely hurt by this entire situation. There is no need for people to kick him while he’s already down. A good parent would look back on the life they have provided for their child and look where they went wrong in raising them. But, Miley is her own person and has to make her own mistakes. But if you ask me, it’s something in the water that they give the girls on the Disney Channel. Has anyone else noticed that after a girl ends her career with Disney they go crazy!? Maybe it’s them finding their identity, coming into their own, or they don’t want to be associated with the “girl next door” image they portrayed on TV. Whatever it is, it needs to stop.

All he can do and should do is love his daughter, and be there for her when she needs him. She I’m sure will come out of this phase at some point, I hope. But even if she doesn’t, she’ll always be Billy Ray’s little girl and nobody can change that by how ever repulsive their remarks are. Lay off Billy Ray people. He didn’t create this monster. People apparently are getting bored with the entertainment and the industry has to kick it up a notch to keep people interested. Blame society that constantly needs a new bright sparkly thingy in front of them to keep them engaged and entertained!

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