Saturday, September 14, 2013

Get a prenup!

Right now I’m watching TV, and my favorite girl flashes on the screen with a preview commercial of her new show… that’s right ladies and gents, the one and only Ms. NeNe Leakes! I must say that I am a huge fan of her. Her style, her attitude, her passion. She is just amazing! So-- on the commercial she’s talking to her soon-to-be-again hubby Greg telling him that he needs to sign this prenup!

Hold up hold up!! What?!?!?!?! I said to myself I need to see this episode! But that evoked a response from me and made me ask the question “do people in love really think about getting a prenup?”

My answer is yes. But let me rewind a little bit so I can support this statement.

When I was 19, I thought I had met the love of my life. He proposed, and I said yes. I’m a Christian, and my denomination is Penecostal. In my religious culture it is relatively normal for us to get married young. But it seemed a month after we got engaged he became a person that I did not like. At all. It became the absolute worst relationship in my life. Eventually I got smart and kicked him to the curb! Go Whitney! Lol. I’m very glad that I wanted a long engagement (about a year and 2 months), and we didn’t even last that whole duration of our planned engagement period. If I we actually got married, I would probably be paying spousal support, or he’d have half my TV and shoe collection right now.

Being in love doesn’t mean being in stupid. As a woman it is very important to have some independence and nothing is wrong with protecting what you have. When you are married you are to share your life with that person, but when you are divorced, you are no longer responsible (or shouldn’t be) for the other person.

With the divorce rate being so high, it’s a smart decision for both parties involved to cover their nut. I hate that saying, but it’s appropriate in this case! Maybe people need to start trying in their marriage instead, and the prenup that is signed will never be an issue. People take the easy way out too many times without trying. Instead of investing in money, invest in your relationship.

In NeNe’s case, Greg has already acted a foo and did her so wrong publicly. There is probably nothing I hate more than when a person tries to humiliate the person they “love” publicly. And since he did that once before, NeNe is a GENIUS to get him to sign a prenup. I haven’t seen the episode yet, so I’m unsure of the outcome. But knowing NeNe, she got that behind in check and he signed his John Hancock on the dotted line. And he should have no problem doing that either. When you love someone and you make the decision to marry them, you should do whatever is necessary to make them feel comfortable. Especially if there is a shaky past. I would be worried if someone argued a prenup saying they DON’T want one, especially if you are “very rich” like NeNe Leakes. Definitely a red flag!

Some people out there are only looking for someone to marry so they can get that skrilla (money for those that aren’t hip lol) in a divorce settlement. You never know a person’s intentions. Just because they claim to be in love with you, doesn’t mean its a LIE or that things will change in the future. Always look out for yourself and protect yourself regardless of who it is. Prenups are a good thing because divorce can be an ugly agonizing battle, and at least (God forbid) it happens, you will have little to worry about.

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