Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm a Bugaboo!

Who remembers the group Destiny’s Child? Everyone does. Earlier in their career, when they original 4 member were still all friends they had a song called “Bugaboo”. It wasn’t a very big success as far as chart ratings, but it was and is a very memorable song. The song is about a boyfriend that is completely obsessed with his girlfriend and never gives her the space to breathe or have any time away from him. Whether it be time in person with him, or talking on the phone he constantly needs to be in contact with her. This song was my jam back in the day! But this song now takes on a completely new meaning to me! I am totally a self proclaimed bugaboo. And the worst part is I am not only a “bugaboo” to my honey, I will bugaboo anyone with no hesitation. I looked at my phone today and realized I had sent 6, yes 6, text messages to my friend Tameeka without her even responding to any of them. Last night I called my sister, she didn’t answer and I called her right back. The second time she answered, but if she hadn’t I would have just popped up at her house. And for the man in my life, I have no issues calling him 10 times back to back. He is a Systems Administrator and is very busy during his work day. He always tells me “Whitney you don’t have to keep calling if I don’t answer; I promise you I’m going to call you back when I’m able to!” He knows better than to call me a bugaboo, but I know he thinks it, and I’m sure he thinks I’m borderline crazy too… lol… I’m not positive why I do this, but I think I have somewhat of an idea… When I was 19 I developed anxiety problems because of my job. I ended up quitting the job very soon after, but there is still residue I guess from it. There is one other reason I think can explain why I do it... because I’m totally important and what I have to say is equally important as well if I have to say something to someone they need to hear it when I need them to. I’ve been relatively spoiled for my whole life, so I expect for everyone around me to feel the same way and always answer my beckoning call!! Okay—maybe that’s a little extreme, but there is some truth to it. I’m also very bossy as I’ve been told several times before, so I’m sure that contributes to my bugabooness. Sometimes you just have to be heard, and what you have to say is important for whatever reason. And This is something I do not plan on changing anytime soon. Maybe it has to do with the fact I live alone, so I’m just bored sometimes! All I know if I have to call, call your mama looking for you, text, email, Facebook, look for you at Starbucks (Dad!) and show up to your job to get a hold of you, I will! Trust me though, I bugaboo all out of love!!!

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