Thursday, October 17, 2013

Man Strangles Girlfriend with Dreadlock Part 2

I saw something that inspired me to do a part 2 to my last blog.
Last night I was in the City (San Francisco for those who don’t know) and those streets are cray! Yes I meant to say “cray”. We were in North Beach on a Ladies Night (my sister La Pria, godsister April and I) and were looking for parking to go to Cobb’s Comedy Club to see my new favorite comedian Ellis Rodriguez (if you haven’t heard about him please check him out on YouTube, he is hilarious and totally worthy of your time checking out his videos!!!). Those of you who are familiar with the City, you know parking is INSANE and we were literally driving around this 3 block radius for almost 30 minutes looking for a parking spot. So we were at a red light and there was a girl walking in the cross walk ahead of us. I let her go and checked both ways. I started moving into traffic when my dramatic sister La Pria yells “WHITNEY, WATCH OUT!” I was like “huh?” then I turn to look at her in the passenger seat and I see this guy who started walking across the street and he like stumbles onto the hood of my car. Let me make it clear, I DID NOT hit him, he walked into my car!! I’m mouthing to him “OH MY GOD, I am sooo sorry!!” then I roll down my window and start apologizing and he said it’s okay. La Pria and April both were like “I think he’s drunk” as he staggered in a zig zag pattern across the street. Then we all looked at the corner he was walking to and realized the girl who had walked past prior to this guy was with him!!!

How was this her boo, and she cared so little about him and his safety that she risked his life because of probably an argument or disagreement? Now, as I have already stated, if he hit her then yes, walk away. But, if it was just a disagreement, no matter how angry you are, you should NEVER put the person you love’s life in danger. I love this cartoon picture I saw before of an elderly couple sitting on a bench. They each were on separate sides and the man was turned facing out and is reaching back holding an umbrella over his wife in the rain. Even though he was angry with her, he still protected her and loved her. This is how it should be. I would never compromise the safety of the man I love because I was mad.

If I was this chick, I would have told him “Let me make this clear to you…I’m gonna make sure I get you home, but after that I’m back to being mad!”
Every bad situation in a relationship doesn’t call for a break up or a falling out. I hope that guy never forgets how she allowed him to wander into an extremely busy street and almost get hit by a car. She allowed him to get as drunk as he was obviously, and we all know you can’t listen to or get mad at a drunken person. They have no idea what they are saying or doing 96% of the time and have no recollection.

Good or bad, when you are committed to a person, you are there 100%. Relationships get rocky and if every minor infraction you are denying your love and opting for hate your relationship and your sanity will never survive the big issues in life. Show love in all situations good or bad is essential (again unless you are getting beaten or abused in other ways by your significant other) because it will make your life a lot easier, especially if you plan on staying with that person. Constant arguing is deteriorating to a relationship and a person’s sanity.

And on top of that, don’t do things to purposely agitate your partner. If they continually tell you what you are doing is hurting them, makes them upset, or any other negative emotion STOP DOING IT. If you are inconsiderate of others, you have no business in a relationship.

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