Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A woman NOT of her word

One of my biggest pet peeves is people who don’t follow through.

On last evening, I went to Target and saw a familiar face. It was a guy who had come to visit my church with his girlfriend probably about a year ago. It made me think about the worship service and sort of struck a nerve.

His girlfriend during the service was such a spectacle. Now, please don’t think I am judging because I’m not. I will be completely factual without (or with minimum lol) opinion from me. The entire service she was very loudly making exclamations like:
“yes Lord”
“that’s right, come on”
“uh huh!!”
“Yes God!”
And I mean the complete service. She was very boisterous and distracting to say the least. But, every time the Pastor (like in all churches) started to quote a scripture and the church helped finish it, she was completely silent. That worried me. People will talk a great game, but can’t follow through in their actions. For members of any faith, it is extremely important to know what you believe and why and know your religious book because how can you practice it if you don’t know it? What is even worse is I know the Pastor and church that she had come from, and I know he is a thorough teacher of the gospel, so what was she doing while at his church? But this isn’t what this blog is about today, so I digress with my story… So after service she was supa turnt up talking to the Pastor about what she wants to do in the church, she wanted to join the choir, thoughts of membership with the church, if I remember correctly we were going to an appreciation service THAT DAY at another church and she wanted to sing in the choir… THAT DAY! She was very convincing in her approach… We never saw her again.

Maybe it is tremendously foolish and naïve of me, but I am a firm believer that a person’s word is their bond. If I can’t trust what you say, how are we suppose to have a friendship (or association) based on truth and trust? Some people don’t see it as a big deal, but I definitely do. I think of myself as a very reliable person. I am always, ALWAYS there for my friends and family. Anything I have they can have it or I’ll get them one just like it lol. I was relying on a young man one day to be entertainment at a community event I was on the planning committee for. We met up talked about the event and he agreed to it. I kept trying to play the numbers game with him but he wouldn’t give me his fee for events. This should have been a sign for me. So for two weeks I was calling him and texting him trying to contact him and he was nowhere to be found. I definitely learned my lesson with him. I really think he was just interested in me and when I was only talking business he backed off. He should be added to my creepy guy list. 
When people are unreliable and undependable it makes me question much more than just their word. I take people not following through on their commitments very personal. I feel that it speaks to how a person feels about me. If you respected me, you wouldn’t treat me any type of way. And, you are in no way considerate of my time or my life even. May seen extreme, but I have had years to think about this. I don’t want people playing with my time or my money, and if you are unreliable you are probably playing with both. And I don’t need that!!

No one wants a friend that they had to bet odds on whether or not they are going to follow through. Don’t just talk a good game, be a good game. One of my favorite saying is “you can make your mouth say anything”, so what is important is what you do. Your actions need to be a consistent reflection of your words! If you are one of those unreliable people, now you know why people aren’t calling you as much anymore to hang out or to do something with them. It’s because you probably flaked several times on them and they see who you really are! The truth hurts, but self reflection and change is essential for growth. Love ya!

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