Tuesday, February 11, 2014

T-Pain is Insecure

Typically, I don’t listen to the radio. A few weeks ago though, I was listening to a song on the radio that forced me to turn it off. It was a song by T-Pain called “Up Down (do this all day)” (I just discovered this was the title). I wasn’t paying much attention to the lyrics until one in particular stood out to me that said “she don’t even like girls but a stack will make her kiss her”. It made think about T-Pain a little deeper. His song sent a clear message to me.

T-Pain’s music isn’t an ode to how he feels about women; it is reflection on how he feels about himself. He has made it ever so obvious that he has very low self esteem. There is no man that I know of that would want to have a woman that could be classified as “ratchet” or “trashy” and by the description of the women he describes in his songs he doesn’t think that HE can do any better. He’s already been in love with a stripper, so he repeatedly tells us that he can’t get a woman’s attention without money. He also sings about having to pay the bartender to spend time with him, and we all know bartenders are about those good tips so they will flirt their behind off for a nice chunk of change and he has plenty money to keep a bartender entertaining him. He gets attention from women that are at work that have no choice but to deal with him. I guess he can’t just meet a woman in line at the grocery store or take a young lady on a date like most people… Another one of his lyrics says that he doesn’t have a problem spending all of his money on a woman. Now, I did a little research and T-Pain’s net worth is between $30-35 million. I have yet to meet a multi-millionaire that would feel it necessary to spend bundles of dough on a woman. Most men have such egos and high self esteem they would seek out a woman that would be considered “top notch” not someone that is the left over in the bottom of the barrel. In his mind all he can get is a no good gold digger. He is so desperate for attention from a woman he is willing to spend ALL of that money that he has on a woman that doesn’t even want him. No doubt, he feels that he is not worthy of a respectable woman. His song undeniably points out that he is so repulsive to women a girl would rather go the other way than engage in any type of sexual activity with him. He doesn’t mention that he could pay her to kiss HIM if you notice. No matter how much he spends, a woman will still not touch him in any way. He doesn’t see himself as a “catch”. He evidently is insecure.

Looking back, I can’t recall ever seeing him in the blogs with some scandal with a woman. I don’t know if he’s dating anyone. I don’t watch many award shows and I may be wrong but I never see some bombshell on his side. This really might be an issue for him.

Music is open to interpretation and this is more than a song to me, it is a cry for help. At least he is making a dollar off his pain (probably has something to do with his stage name which is connected to pain he felt growing up in Tallahassee!). I don’t have any real advice for him in this situation because he indisputably turned his issues into a profitable venture. He seems like a really fun guy that could make a respectable woman happy. I just hope one day he settles down with someone who loves him and not his money. But, I guess some guys just like ratchet.

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