Monday, March 10, 2014

Checking someone out isn't a crime!

I absolutely love love love Fridays. I wait all week for them. It’s possible that it’s my favorite day at work. We and my work boyfriends (a few guys that I always eat lunch with) call it “anything goes Friday” because we try our best during the week to eat well, but Fridays we go wild!! I come in to work in a great mood on Fridays, and the biggest part of Friday is I usually dress a little nicer than usual. Kinda backwards because Fridays are usually a dress down for people, but I’m different so accept it and get over it! Lol. But even though it’s such a great day, I accidently caught one of my co-workers checking out my butt!! It was a very startling moment…

Now, I do have to say, this co-worker has openly expressed his interest in me over and over and over and over and OVER again. We actually went on a date, even though I didn’t realize it was a date until he asked me “so why are you single?” and I had to respond saying “I’m not, I’ve been seeing someone for almost 3 years.” Now that was truly awkward! But I digress… I was looking in the refrigerator in our break room for some lemon juice I had and I mean I was searching. I was checking the bottom shelves bending over really in there looking when I heard something behind me so I stood up and turned around. Low and behold, there was my co-worker, leaning against the door down the hall getting a good look at my rear end. He didn’t apologize, I even did the shocked =-O face but it didn’t matter. He smiled and walked away. I was at first in the position to be stunned that he was so bold about it and I even posted it on Facebook. One of my friends, Michelle, responded saying “What was he supposed to do? lol” and you know what, she is absolutely right! It was there Now I am far from a fan of being sexualized, I absolutely hate it, but it was just his eyes. He didn’t touch me, he didn’t say anything vulgar, he wasn't licking his lips having that total perv thing going on with his hand in his pocket (I'm not going to explain that if you don't know what that is lol), he is actually an attractive man and I have been doing mad squats and cycling so it actually made me feel kind of good :) . The majority of women in America want to feel attractive and sexy, so what’s wrong with a little attention? Isn’t that a part of WHY we get dressed up, smother our pores in layers of make-up, and damage our hair to no end with flat irons and curling irons?

I think it is in human nature to find yourself looking at something that is appealing to you, whether it is a pair of amazing shoes, breathtaking sunset, or an incredibly chiseled man or curvy woman. Don’t take everything so seriously. Just because a person is checking out your body doesn’t mean that they want to rip your clothes off and throw you up against the wall and have their way with you. Maybe they are just admiring what you have going on. And even if they do what to reenact a scene from 50 Shades with you, it doesn’t mean they see you as a sexualized object and don’t respect you. Don’t be offended, be flattered! I think as women with our semi-feminist ideologies we want so hard to be seen a person and not an object that we misread situations quite often as something as harmless or even PG rating as vulgar and degrading. We are not a nifty gadget for men to play with if we don’t allow it! Men thrive off the physical until they get to know the emotional or mental so don’t be upset if he is only attracted to the physical, help get to know the rest of you! If he gets to know the rest of you and still know is worried about your rockin’ bod, then worry!

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