Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Strange things I said or did today

I was keeping record of a bunch of strange things my friends, family and I were doing for awhile... I think I'll start keeping another record... stay tuned for some more stuff!

Strange things I said or did today:
8/23/13 “I’ll make you eat your own toe nails.”

8/26/13 I sent a picture of one of my strands of hair with a severe split end to my godsister Paris.

8/29/13 “You gonna be mad when I come back Gucci-ed out!”

9/6/13 “These jeans are fitting like a glove” turn to the side in the mirror “awwww, but the booty aint lookin big!” 

9/7/13 I almost convinced my little sister, Breona, she was going to Boston for boarding school. Then she responded saying I don’t want to come back and talk like this, and proceeded to talk in an English accent. :-/ I’m worried about her.

9/11/13 I told my pastor “you want to get tickled to death?”

9/13/13 “It’s Friday, I ain’t got no job—oh wait… I do! Let me get ready”
I got in the bed to brush my teeth.

9/14/13 My sister La Pria and I were parked while picking up our godsister, April. April gets in the car but La Pria was fixing her makeup. This is the conversation that happened next:
La Pria: I have to finish drawing my eyebrows because if I do it when I’m driving I’ll mess them up
Me: See, that’s why you don’t do your make up while you’re driving... Because you might mess up!
Then, La Pria almost flipped the car and almost killed us all turning into the Krispy Kremes parking lot. She really wanted a donut.

9/16/13 I googled “can I microwave grounded beef?”

9/17/13 I sent a text to my friend Tameeka saying “I wish you ate chicken.” But maybe she’s the strange one in this instance.

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