Thursday, January 2, 2014

Why can't I keep up with my glasses?

I remembered a pretty important fact today when looking for my glasses.

Lately, I have gotten into the habit of losing things. I have NEVER had this problem before, I’m not sure if it’s my old age or what, I just can’t keep up with things. Today (and yesterday morning as well) I was looking ALL OVER for my glasses! I don’t know why I can’t keep up with them. I’ve been wearing glasses for 10 years so at this point you’d think I’d have it together… but I don’t… Anyways, I was getting ready for work and was about to walk out the door when I realized I didn’t have my glasses. For some reason I never remember when I am at home that I can’t see (lol). It’s like in my apartment I have 20/20 vision only! I could not find my glasses anywhere! Knowing I had to stop and get coffee before work, I was panicking a bit because I need my morning caffeine fix (don’t judge me!) and I was already running late. Frantically, I searched all over my place in the usual spots I put my glasses and could not find them! When all hope was almost gone I said “Lord, please help me find—oh thank you Lord!!” Before I could even get it out of my mouth God showed me where my glasses were at. They had fallen behind this basket of laundry I was folding in the living room. It never fails when I start praying to God to help me, He is faithful and guides me right to what I was looking for. I just wish sometimes I would stop exhausting myself depending on my own efforts when God is all knowing and more than capable to help me!

Why do we always turn to God as a final hope? We try and try and try just to still end up nowhere and end up frustrated and hopeless and in our last efforts call on Him when we should have turned to God in the first place to avoid the nonsense. We get ourselves way deeper into a situation trying to handle it on our own than we need to be if we would recognize that God is our strength and has been all along and turn to Him and GIVE the problem to Him from the beginning! Trust me and believe me when I say that God has every desire to rescue you from what you are facing, you just need to LET HIM!

It absolutely drives me crazy when people say “well, all you can do now is just pray”. NO!!!! All you should have done is prayed!!! Prayer is not a last resort; it should always be a first reaction. The power of prayer is incomparable. There is not any problem in life that God is unable to take on. You aren’t bothering Him or pestering Him when you pray! You are doing what He wants when you pray a.k.a. COMMUNICATE with Him!

No matter how large or small your problem is, talk to God about it. He will amaze you with His response every time!

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